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Cuyahoga Community College values the integral role you provide in supporting student learning and success. The Adjunct Faculty and Faculty Development websites were designed to provide you with the information necessary for this important role.

If you have been recently hired to teach, the following links will help introduce you to the College.

Role of the Adjunct Services Office

The Adjunct Services Office coordinates the employment of all adjunct faculty while supporting and continuously engaging students and faculty members. In addition to providing leadership and campus administrative supervision, the Adjunct Services Office assists adjunct faculty with technical support issues (i.e. network and email account login), proffer and payroll issues, communication with students, and other classroom related issues. Contact the Adjunct Services Office for office hours (open day, evening, and weekend hours) and other adjunct faculty information.

Role of the Program Manager/Faculty Coordinator

It is important to communicate with your Program Manager or Faculty Coordinator. They can answer questions regarding your course syllabus, getting textbooks, ordering supplies, as well as provide faculty contacts and mentoring information. They can offer you advice and experience that may be helpful in avoiding any classroom management and grading challenges.


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