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Student Financial Aid and Scholarships


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College Scholarships

Cuyahoga Community College offers scholarships for students that participate in various programs.  The scholarships include Academic Excellence Scholarship, Honors Program Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Journalism Scholarship, Student Senate Scholarship, and the Trio-Access Scholarship.   Please visit the scholarship webpage or contact any Student Financial Assistance Office for the awarding criteria for each scholarship.

Foundation Scholarships

The Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) Foundation offers a variety of scholarship opportunities from numerous scholarship funds for Tri-C students enrolled in various disciplines. These scholarship opportunities have been created and supported through the generosity of many donors who believe in the Collegeís mission and the importance of providing access to education to members of our community.

You can apply for Tri-C Foundation Scholarships by completing both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Tri-C Foundation Scholarship application. The Foundation application is on the Tri-C Web site  and the FAFSA is online at

Some scholarships may require a special application in addition to the Tri-C Foundation Scholarship Application. These are noted in the criteria in the Scholarship Guide

The total scholarship award that can be awarded may not exceed the studentís Cost of Attendance as determined by Federal regulations and will be considered with all other financial aid that you may receive.

Other Scholarships

Many students receive funding from external scholarship sources, such as the Cleveland Foundation or Cleveland Scholarship Programs to assist them in funding their educational expenses. You are required to report any scholarships that you receive to any campus Student Financial Assistance Office.

External scholarships will be included in your total financial aid award package and are used to calculate your financial need.  Eligibility for federal campus based (FSEOG) or self-help aid (loans, and student employment FWS) may be adjusted so as not to exceed your cost of attendance. (An amount pre-determined by Tri-C that includes all educational expenses required for attendance at Tri-C.).

If, at any time during the award period, you receive additional resources that were not considered in calculating your eligibility for campus-based aid, i.e. FSEOG, FWS, etc., or student loans, and if these resources combined with expected financial aid will exceed your need, the amount in excess will be considered an over award and you will be asked to repay the excess.

Tri-C reserves the right to adjust any financial aid awards that you have received to ensure funding from external and internal sources does not exceed your total allowable Cost of Attendance for the academic year. Adjustments may be made to your student account at any time during the year as updated information is received and you will be notified of any adjustments.

Selected scholarship recipients will be contacted by Student Financial Aid and Scholarships once the selection process has been completed. If you have questions, contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at or you can call any campus Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

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