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Savings Programs - U.S. Savings Bonds

Both and Series EE and I Savings Bonds bonds can be purchased through payroll deductions. 

Why buy bonds
Difference between I Bonds and EE Bonds
Series EE Bonds
Series I Bonds

Employees that wish to purchase U.S. Savings Bonds or other Treasure securities via payroll deduction must follow these simple steps:

1.    Open a Treasury Direct account @

2.    Submit a request to the Payroll Services Department for a payroll deduction.  This request should include the amount to be deducted per pay, your Treasury Direct account number and routing number.

3.    The requested payroll deductions will be sent to your Treasury Direct account via ACH on each pay date that the deduction is active.

For more information, please contact:

Colleen Davis, Payroll Manager   email
Todd Prusha, Payroll Services Coordinator   email
Maribeth Shankman, Employee Info. Specialist   email






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