Technology Training

Classes offered:

  • New Employee Orientation - Technology Orientation for new employees is now scheduled through Human Resources Staffing at the time the hiring paperwork is received. If you have a new part-time employee who will be attending New Employee Orientation, please contact the Staffing Office at District.

  • Banner - Banner classes include an Introductory class, a "brush-up" class, purchase requisition training, querying the Student system for student information and CRN information, and Budget screen training.

  • Computer Ergonomics- Offered in partnership with the Health and Wellness Centers.

  • File Management- How to organize your PC files.

  • Microsoft Courses - Webinars are currently offered in Microsoft applications. Refer to Insight!

  • Word - Microsoft Word is the College standard Word Processor program for the PC desktop.

Need to sign up for a class now? Want to know what is offered in the Technology category? If you are reading this while on campus, login to InSight! from the My Work Life (Reference Materials channel) or My Work Tools (Getting It Done channel) tabs. If you are reading this from offsite, InSight! is a separate login.



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